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THE MONEY WEAVINGS — This series examines the effects of money on societies. Mixing yarns and other materials, my works can be satirical, social commentary, or a play on words. There are endless expressions, phrases, and songs in our language that reference money.  The more I pondered this fact, the more ideas were generated. I ask you, the viewer, What is the value of money? All art works are available directly through me:  Select works are in my Online Etsy Gallery, The Palma Store

All images are © by Pamela Palma Designs

                  Tampa Bay 20″ X 23″

WEAVING, MIXED MEDIA, PAPER, YARN MONEY, imagery river of grass tampa bay

                River of Grass 20″ X 21″

Visit Florida – River of Grass and Tampa Bay: Diptych Hand woven mixed media fiber art tapestries redefine geography. Woven with silk thread, reconfigured paper tourist maps, my own hand dyed mohair yarns, and devalued US currency.  Available for purchase 

Available in The Palma Store, my Etsy Shop


tapestries, wall hangings, art, decor, interior design

      Mangrove Tunnels, Night 18″ x 18″

wall hangings tapestries art hand woven decor, tapestries

       Mangrove Tunnels, Day 18″ x 18″

Mangrove Tunnels, Night and Day, referencing waterways canopied by lush mangroves in the Everglades. The Everglades are a unique and precious ecosystem from which many life-forms depend, including human, where development dollars compete with Nature.  If we deplete nature, what becomes of us? Hand woven with strips of my hand painted silk fabrics, black linen yarn, shredded US currency. Available in my  Etsy Gallery


MONEY LAUNDRY Series of four panels available in groups of two related diptychs. Political  commentary and satire are interwoven with defunct, devalued and faux currencies. Hand woven on a large loom with yarns I dyed. Each panel is hand stitched to black ramie cloth, mounted, ready for your framing.  $1100.00 each.

wall art, tapestry, woven, dyed, stitched

              End of Days 14′ X 14″

wall art, decor, interior design, woven, dyed, stitched by hand

            End of Tyranny 14″ X 14″

End of Days— inspired by the Mayan calendar, said to expire at the end of 2012 (yet here we are), it is the centerppiece of the Mexican peso. Above it and below it are historic representations of colonial currencies.   End of Tyranny is optimism on my part. Here I have woven a faux $10 bill overprinted with Fidel’s face X‘d out in red. Above him is Papa Doc on a 2 gourdes bill. These two men have been fashioned into aprons hanging out to dry. For added visual interest, bits of the Mexican peso swing in the breeze with reminders of colonialism in America flanking left and right. $1100.00 each.

wall panel art woven tapestry decor interior design

           Money Laundry ll  14″ x 14″

wall panels, tapestries, art, decor, interior design

           Money Laundry l  14″ x 14″

MONEY LAUNDRY I and MONEY LAUNDRY II — Here I have woven fine cotton cloth in a herringbone pattern using my hand dyed yarns and black linen. Foreign and Southern US currencies are woven in and stitched onto this cotton and linen cloth, stitched onto black ramie fabric, mounted for your framing.   $1100.00 each. Available for purchase.



wall art, decor, interior design, hand woven


Fun and fanciful works of art! This grouping of handwoven mixed media art works is all about the finer things in life – JEWELS!. Clockwise from top left: Green Diamonds, Rubies, Pink Diamonds, Amber.  Each panel is individually hand woven using black linen yarns. Woven simultaneously into the body of the pieces are shredded US currency, lurex, cellophane, silk and other yarns. Each panel is 14 ‘ x 14″  stitched to black ramie cloth, mounted, ready for your framing. Available for $1100.00 each.



MIXED MEDIA TRIPTYCH. Sometimes girls just wanna have fun, including artists. This grouping is just for fun. I sliced up magazine photos and interwove them with shredded US currency for a bit of tongue in cheek playfulness. a) Time is Money references opulence in luxury timepieces. b) Purple Heart speaks for itself. c) Girl’s Best Friend celebrates the grandeur of diamonds as the pursuit of happiness. Each panel is woven in a repeating diamond pattern using my hand dyed cotton yarns and black linen. The paper and currency is woven in at the same time as the yarns. My yarns are variegated, meaning they morph from one tone to another, which adds depth to each piece and visual interest.

wall panel, woven art, mixed media , decor, interior design

           a) Time is Money 15″ X 18″

wall art, hand woven decor, tapestry, mixed media

              b) Purple Heart 15″ x 18″

wall art, tapestry, decor, interior design, mixed media

                  c) Girl’s Best Friend