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       Petal Pink Tea Towel Hand Woven                 Available in my Etsy Shop

I think so! Here’s why.  First, to clarify, hand made is different from homemade. Home made might connote cheap or poorly constructed. Or Jam. My work is designer made. It’s my profession. I learned everything I could about making and embellishing textiles (weaving, printing, painting, and dyeing), garment making (couture sewing design) in college to get my Design in Fibers degree. It’s a real thing! My dream was to be able to make things out of fabrics that I design and make. Not to cut corners, or skimp on materials. Quite the contrary. Yarns are pricey. It’s slow cloth. It takes time. And skill and patience.

My philosophy is this: We are all unique and special. We crave recognition as individuals yet we are encouraged into sameness, buying into an endless cycle of short term fulfillment ‒ more things cheaply made that fall apart quickly or go out of fashion, are discarded and need to be replaced. Rinse and repeat. In the long run, cheaper is more expensive, isn’t it?

My textile art works speak to our innate uniqueness. I design and produce, by hand, collections of related items in small batches. Limited editions. Beautiful things for you, designed to Use and Love Forever. Things no one else has. Because in a world of crazy, beauty grounds us, makes us happy.

Next time we will look at what it takes to make bespoke textile products at the designer level. Stay tuned!

Pamela Palma Designs products are available at

pamela palma designs bespoke textile art products, hand woven, hand made designer originalsPAMELA PALMA DESIGNS

Making beautiful textiles to enhance your world.






weaving, workshop @pamelapalmadesigns, @miamibeachbotanicalgarden, fiber art, tapestry hand weave, loom, yarn textile art, tapestry, make it take ithand woven tapestry fibver art textile designs Make It Take It workshop @miamibeachbotanical garden yarn, tapestry, hands, looms, @pamelapalmadesignsMiami Beach Botanical Garden hosted my Make It Take It Weaving Workshop with Pamela Palma Designs on Sunday, August 11, 2019. An exhuberant group of men, women, and children gathered in the Butterfly Room with me and my supplies. All new weavers, they jumped right in, found all sorts of treasures in my basket of yarns, and expressed their own creativity as woven tapestries. So much fun with fibers!

Want to host a workshop at your facility or for your group? Contact Pamela for availability and rates. 786-897-8856

kids weaving tapestry textile art looms small fingers creativity hand weaving, woven fabric, bracelets, @miamibeachbotanicalgarden with artist @pamelapalmadesigns, weaver, weaving teachingkids weaving tapestry textile art looms small fingers creativity hand weaving, woven fabric, bracelets, @miamibeachbotanicalgarden with artist @pamelapalmadesigns, weaver, weaving teaching

Children wove these bracelets on tiny looms. They really did not need my help!

Kids are naturally talented.





hand woven tapestry fibver art textile designs Make It Take It workshop @miamibeachbotanical garden yarn, tapestry, hands, looms, @pamelapalmadesigns

Two weavers chose soothing color palettes with textural fibers. Left: He said the process let him focus, shut out life’s distractions.

Right: A very tactile art work! 




hand weaving, tapestry, cloth, loom, yarn, fiber, textile art, fiber art @miamibeachbotanicalgarden, textile artist @pamelapalmadesigns, new students

hand weaving @miamibeachbotanicalgarden, with textileartist @pamelapalmadesigns, tapestry weaving fiber art, yarns looms fibers, colors textures kids adults

Left: He really got into weaving fun “eyelash” yarns with bits of wool “roving”. Loving those blue hues! Right: She chose bold colors and textures adding interest to her woven tapestry.




                       new student weaving tapestry textile art looms fingers creativity hand weaving, woven fabric, @miamibeachbotanicalgarden with artist @pamelapalmadesigns, weaver, weaving teachingEarth Loom, @miamibeachbotanicalgarden, mixed media, yarn fabric, plants, moss lizard @pamelapalmadesigns

Left: Finished! Exciting tapestry with vibrant color interactions. Right: Earth Loom in the Garden is for everyone!  Add your bit, visit Miami Beach Botanical Garden. Mixed media interactive art connecting our community through weaving.


Going, going, gone!  These two lovelies have a forever home!  HotHotPink and Coral  have found their place in  a new  kitchen. There is only one left in this collection, Pale Green. waiting for you! In The Palma Store, at Etsy!  PALE GREEN is really the palest pink with soft green overtones.  Hand woven towels by Pamela Palma, art to use and love forever.

towels hand woven watermelon stripes, coral, pale green hot hot pink by pamelapalmadesigns available at etsy,

                HOT HOT PINK – SOLD!

cotton towels hand woven perle cotton boucle watermeoln stirpes 3 colorways coral pale green hot hot pink

                       CORAL – SOLD!

towels hand woven watermelon stripes, coral, pale green hot hot pink by pamelapalmadesigns available at etsy,

           PALE GREEN – BUY NOW!



The Palma Store is my Etsy shop. It is the easiest way for you to see and buy my work.

Here are some of my newest creations, Summer Sparkle Coasters!  New styles now in The Palma Store!  Only $10 each sold in sets of 4. Attractive way to protect your tables. Each coaster is individually hand woven on one of my looms. Made with cotton and other materials including gold metallic sequins. Miniature works of Art to Use exclusively available in The Palma Store on Etsy!

         Summer Sparkle close up

handwoven coasters fiber art textile art set of 4 The Palma Store etsy

                Summer Sparkle Coasters

About Artwork Art to Use  ~  Art to Wear  ~  Classes 2019  ~  Media  ~   ~  786-897-8856

weaving classes tapestry yarn

Learn to Weave – it’s all the rage! Make a fun, vibrant wall hanging or get serious and design a runner, towel or scarf! I will show you how to work with thread, yarn, cloth, and patterns. Make stuff for  yourself!  Sign up today! 


Two-hour sessions


fashion design by pamela palmaWant to sew? Mend? Make your own fashions?   It is sew easy!  Learn how.

This on-trend silk dotted collar is actually a removable accessory to wear over anything. Make it in one day. Sign up now!

Two-hour sessions

You can embellish your clothes with fun embroidery, also known as thread painting. Call me and let’s do it!

Two-hour sessions


Private classes are now available to a select clientele. All classes are $40/hour with a 2 hour minimum, pre paid. You must pre-register for 2 hour session increments of $80  Contact me to schedule.

All classes are designed to work with the ability level of each individual. Do you have some experience? Great! Let’s jump ahead to something new!

knitting stripes by pamela palma designs, dog sweaterKnitting is also fun! Textiles have endless possibilities. This is a sweater I made for my dog. She loved to wear it on those cold days (Yes it does get cold in South Florida!) I will teach you how to knit. Sign up now!

Two-hour sessions

interview rocking chair sessions, artist journey

The Magic Chair     RCS #103

I am honored to be Rocking Chair Sessions interviewee #103. Last Friday, March 29, 2019, Elysa D. Batista and Maria Teresa Barbist welcomed me to the Rocking Chair. We discussed many things about my journey as a textile artist, teacher, and founder of the textile guild, Fantastic Fibers Miami.  Maria Teresa and Elysa were delightful. It was more like a conversation than an interview and they made me laugh! Thanks Ladies! Love you!

Listen to the full story here: Rocking Chairs Sessions #103


 ART EXHIBITION   “SPECTRUM”    OPENING RECEPTION APRIL 12, 2019,  7 – 9 PM at Studio 18 in the Pines.

Moons hand woven contemporary art fiber art by Pamela Palma Designs

               Moonrise Moonset

art weaving textiles fabric hand woven floor loom by Pamel aPalma Designs

            Blue Moon Green Cheese

Please join us in celebrating the excitement of colors at Spectrum, Palette of Possibilities, curated by Michael Edelberg.  Specially selected works of art from my collection, MOONS, will be  displayed. Join us for an evening of colorful art, live music by Peter Beten, and light bites provided by Studio 18. MOONS, hand woven on a complex floor loom, are my interpretations of various aspects and phases of our Moon. 






yarn warp weft pamelapalmadesigns weaving textile desins

Image 1 -Cotton boucle weft yarns

Image 2) Cotton warp yarns in 5 colors

towels hand woven cotton boucle and perle cottons by pamela palma designs

Finished! 3 towels with their cones

cotton towels hand woven perle cotton boucle watermeoln stirpes 3 colorways coral pale green hot hot pink


cotton towels hand woven perle cotton boucle watermeoln stirpes 3 colorways coral pale green hot hot pink

                   Pale Green

cotton towels hand woven perle cotton boucle watermeoln stirpes 3 colorways coral pale green hot hot pink

                        Hot Hot Pink

How does a design project begin? This project was inspired by the materials, gorgeous boucle cotton in happy spring colors of pale green, coral and hot hot pink (looks red, but it is hot pink) These 3 cones are my *weft yarns. The 5 colors in image 2 were decided over coffee for my *warp stripes. (Warp = the yarn that goes on the loom. Weft = the yarn that is woven into the warp on shuttles).

The finished products are shown with their respective cones of weft yarn.  Available exclusively at The Palma Store


hasnd woven art to collect by Pamela Plama Designs diptych, original artwork, hand dyed yarns, mixed media, decommissioned currency

End of Days

art, fiber art, weaving, handwoven, wall hangings, tapestries, hand dyed yarns @pamelapalmadesigns, money, conceptual art, contemporary art, galleries, interior designer, textile artist, The Palma Store on Etsy

End of Tyranny

I collect all kinds of oddities to incorporate into artworks. This series, Money Laundry, is comprised of two diptychs. They were inspired by the faux $10 bill with Fidel’s face X‘d out. I found it on a table at an event in Miami. (where else?) I looked at it and said, “This will be art one day.”  Little did I know it would launch four artworks!  I combined the faux Fidel X currency with reproductions of Colonial currencies and assorted foreign currencies, most of which are greatly devalued  or now obsolete: Pesos, Drachmas, Colones. All of which beg the question, WHAT IS THE VALUE OF MONEY? Some of the bills have been cut up and woven into the fabric along with my hand dyed yarns; others have been stitched (appliqued) onto the surface after weaving. Art with a bit of humor. Art as social commentary.

These are significant works of art for serious collectors, gallerists, and interior designers. Available in The Palma Store on Etsy

More information on these can be found here on my website.

hand woven art, fiber art textile design, hand dyed yarns, currencies, money, applique, weaving, conceptual art, contemporary art, art to collect, @pamelapalamdesigns, The Palma Store on Etsy

Money Laundry l

art to collect, hand woven, applique, hand dyed yarns, faux and defunct currencies, by pamelapalmadesigns

Money Laundry ll

hand woven linen tea towel indigo blue lace weave one of a kind luxury goods art to use sold

Copenhagen  SOLD

Indigo Linen – SOLD!

Two more lovely linen tea towels have gone to their forever, happy homes. Shown here are Copenhagen Blue and Indigo Blue, hand woven lace weave in 100% Belgian linen. Looks great with exquisite Wedgwood china. No lint on these dishes – linen is lint free.  It makes me so happy when my art is loved and appreciated by you.     Thank you JGP!  See what there is for you in The Palma Store, my Etsy shop