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weaving classes tapestry yarn

Learn to Weave – it’s all the rage! Make a fun, vibrant wall hanging or get serious and design a runner, towel or scarf! I will show you how to work with thread, yarn, cloth, and patterns. Make stuff for  yourself!  Sign up today! 


Two-hour sessions


fashion design by pamela palmaWant to sew? Mend? Make your own fashions?   It is sew easy!  Learn how.

This on-trend silk dotted collar is actually a removable accessory to wear over anything. Make it in one day. Sign up now!

Two-hour sessions

You can embellish your clothes with fun embroidery, also known as thread painting. Call me and let’s do it!

Two-hour sessions


Private classes are now available to a select clientele. All classes are $40/hour with a 2 hour minimum, pre paid. You must pre-register for 2 hour session increments of $80  Contact me to schedule.

All classes are designed to work with the ability level of each individual. Do you have some experience? Great! Let’s jump ahead to something new!

knitting stripes by pamela palma designs, dog sweaterKnitting is also fun! Textiles have endless possibilities. This is a sweater I made for my dog. She loved to wear it on those cold days (Yes it does get cold in South Florida!) I will teach you how to knit. Sign up now!

Two-hour sessions

interview rocking chair sessions, artist journey

The Magic Chair     RCS #103

I am honored to be Rocking Chair Sessions interviewee #103. Last Friday, March 29, 2019, Elysa D. Batista and Maria Teresa Barbist welcomed me to the Rocking Chair. We discussed many things about my journey as a textile artist, teacher, and founder of the textile guild, Fantastic Fibers Miami.  Maria Teresa and Elysa were delightful. It was more like a conversation than an interview and they made me laugh! Thanks Ladies! Love you!

Listen to the full story here: Rocking Chairs Sessions #103


 ART EXHIBITION   “SPECTRUM”    OPENING RECEPTION APRIL 12, 2019,  7 – 9 PM at Studio 18 in the Pines.

Moons hand woven contemporary art fiber art by Pamela Palma Designs

               Moonrise Moonset

art weaving textiles fabric hand woven floor loom by Pamel aPalma Designs

            Blue Moon Green Cheese

Please join us in celebrating the excitement of colors at Spectrum, Palette of Possibilities, curated by Michael Edelberg.  Specially selected works of art from my collection, MOONS, will be  displayed. Join us for an evening of colorful art, live music by Peter Beten, and light bites provided by Studio 18. MOONS, hand woven on a complex floor loom, are my interpretations of various aspects and phases of our Moon. 






yarn warp weft pamelapalmadesigns weaving textile desins

Image 1 -Cotton boucle weft yarns

Image 2) Cotton warp yarns in 5 colors

towels hand woven cotton boucle and perle cottons by pamela palma designs

Finished! 3 towels with their cones

cotton towels hand woven perle cotton boucle watermeoln stirpes 3 colorways coral pale green hot hot pink


cotton towels hand woven perle cotton boucle watermeoln stirpes 3 colorways coral pale green hot hot pink

                   Pale Green

cotton towels hand woven perle cotton boucle watermeoln stirpes 3 colorways coral pale green hot hot pink

                        Hot Hot Pink

How does a design project begin? This project was inspired by the materials, gorgeous boucle cotton in happy spring colors of pale green, coral and hot hot pink (looks red, but it is hot pink) These 3 cones are my *weft yarns. The 5 colors in image 2 were decided over coffee for my *warp stripes. (Warp = the yarn that goes on the loom. Weft = the yarn that is woven into the warp on shuttles).

The finished products are shown with their respective cones of weft yarn.  Available exclusively at The Palma Store


hasnd woven art to collect by Pamela Plama Designs diptych, original artwork, hand dyed yarns, mixed media, decommissioned currency

End of Days

art, fiber art, weaving, handwoven, wall hangings, tapestries, hand dyed yarns @pamelapalmadesigns, money, conceptual art, contemporary art, galleries, interior designer, textile artist, The Palma Store on Etsy

End of Tyranny

I collect all kinds of oddities to incorporate into artworks. This series, Money Laundry, is comprised of two diptychs. They were inspired by the faux $10 bill with Fidel’s face X‘d out. I found it on a table at an event in Miami. (where else?) I looked at it and said, “This will be art one day.”  Little did I know it would launch four artworks!  I combined the faux Fidel X currency with reproductions of Colonial currencies and assorted foreign currencies, most of which are greatly devalued  or now obsolete: Pesos, Drachmas, Colones. All of which beg the question, WHAT IS THE VALUE OF MONEY? Some of the bills have been cut up and woven into the fabric along with my hand dyed yarns; others have been stitched (appliqued) onto the surface after weaving. Art with a bit of humor. Art as social commentary.

These are significant works of art for serious collectors, gallerists, and interior designers. Available in The Palma Store on Etsy

More information on these can be found here on my website.

hand woven art, fiber art textile design, hand dyed yarns, currencies, money, applique, weaving, conceptual art, contemporary art, art to collect, @pamelapalamdesigns, The Palma Store on Etsy

Money Laundry l

art to collect, hand woven, applique, hand dyed yarns, faux and defunct currencies, by pamelapalmadesigns

Money Laundry ll

hand woven linen tea towel indigo blue lace weave one of a kind luxury goods art to use sold

Copenhagen  SOLD

Indigo Linen – SOLD!

Two more lovely linen tea towels have gone to their forever, happy homes. Shown here are Copenhagen Blue and Indigo Blue, hand woven lace weave in 100% Belgian linen. Looks great with exquisite Wedgwood china. No lint on these dishes – linen is lint free.  It makes me so happy when my art is loved and appreciated by you.     Thank you JGP!  See what there is for you in The Palma Store, my Etsy shop



hand woven, by pamela palma designs, 100% linen, lint-free dish drying, decor, pretty colos, sold art to use and love forever, The Palma Store

Peachy Pink – SOLD

      Sunflower Yellow – SOLD

         Lime Green – SOLD


Lovely Linen Towels





I admit I get very attached to the things I make but I do make them for you to use and love forever. And it makes me soooo soooo happy when they sell because I know the new owners appreciate all the work and love I put into every thread I weave.  A big thank you to my clients who buy my art!

See what else there is in The Palma Store –

hand woven linen tea towel indigo blue lace weave one of a kind art to use sold by Pamela PalmaDesigns

                Copenhagen Blue Linen Tea Towel SOLD

hand woven art to use tea towel linen lace weave one of a kind SOLD by Pamela Palma Designs

                             Indigo Blue LinenTea Towel SOLD!

Many thanks to my clients for supporting my work and buying my art! You make my world go round!

Here is what you are saying:  “I still have the shawl you made for me (c.1989).” –KM.   Wow! Somethings never go out of fashion!   “I bought all these kitchen and dining linens for gifts but I have only been able to part with one of them!” –AHB    “I love my Pamela Palma dish towel. So sturdy and beautiful! Even her logo is beautiful.” –SF    “The most beautiful tea towel arrived in today’s mail! It is gorgeous and will not be used for any wet or grubby hands. Perhaps as a dresser runner as a base for my favorite jewelry stands.Thank you Pamela. It is perfect, I love the colors, symmetry and the trees!” –DC


Welcome! The Palma Store has migrated to Etsy! Follow this link to purchase my Art to Collect, Art to Use, and Art to Wear. 

Check out my Etsy gallery, with sales and deals, as seen on Instagram and Facebook.

Https://  WHEN YOU BUY MY ART, YOU ARE SUPPORTING AN ACTUAL ARTIST. When you buy my art, you are acknowledging my creativity, my skills, my talents, my imagination and my tenacity to pursue a career in the arts. When you buy my art, you are appreciating the length of time I have devoted to creating a one of a kind item that you can use, collect, wear.  You are supporting a person. I appreciate you!


tapestry, weaving hand woven, art embellished, textiles, designer originals, fiber art,

Art To Collect -Tiny Tapestries
Coins 1, 2, 3

all cotton, luxury decor, hand woven, cooridinating sets, collections, absorbant, art to use, decor, interior design

Art to Use – Petal Pink Towel

Hand printed, tropical print, china silk, art to wear, one of a kind pareo, scarf, wrap, sarong

Art to Wear – Pareo

Hello Everyone! 

tiny tapestries, hand woven, weaving, chenille, pinks, hand dyed, wall art, textiles, gifts, blow out sale, by Pamela Palma Designs,

Tiny Tapestries Chenille              # 1, 2, 3, 4

The Holidays are upon us and I have special treats for you in my Etsy Shop! Everything is 25% off with my special Blow Out Sale 111111 Coupon

Go to my shop or type in PamelaPalmaDesigns – no spaces!!!  Click on ‘Favorite Shop’ .  When you check out, the coupon code will be active. (See message at the top) SUCCESS!  YOUR FAVORITE will be applied at checkout. 




tiny tapestries, weaving, hand woven, wall hangings,, tiny tapestries, textile design, home decor, collections turquoise, art, artist, etsy. shop, Pamela Palma Designs

Tiny Tapestries              Bejeweled 1 and 2

Further savings include my famous Tiny Tapestries, shown here, which were $100.00.On sale now for $50.00. 

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Tiny Tapestries, turquoise, collection, weaving, hand woven, fiber art, textile design, artist original, artwork, home decor interior design feathers beads turquoise, etsy shop, Pamela Palma Designs

Tiny Tapestries                            3 Feathers, 2 Feathers

Tiny Tapestries fit anywhere! They measure 5″ x 7″ – ready to hand with included dowel.

Here is what pople are saying: “I have mine hanging over my computer so I can look at it every day!” — CSL

“You are an incredibly talented artisan!” –SF

“Pamela’s art is truly one of a kind.”  — VL