Knit at PAMM with Fantastic FIbers Miami

Knit at PAMM with Fantastic FIbers Miami

KiPNow that Miami finally has an active fiber group, we have events and projects lined up. When I launched Fantastic Fibers Miami in February, the response was overwhelmingly positive! So many people create with yarn and fabric have been waiting and wanting a community.

Our biggie is, Fantastic Fibers Miami is hosting an international event, World Wide Knit in Public Day. Yes, it’s a thing! Miami, we are taking fiber out of the closet and into the daylight on June 18, 2016.  Pérez Art Museum Miami is graciously providing public space and FREE ADMISSION to the museum for knitters. We will meet at the Bayside Stair overlooking gorgeous Biscayne Bay.

Come for an hour or two or stay the day! We are there from 12 – 5 PM. Bring your needles and your yarn. Make a blanket square for the children of Lotus House, make something of your own; or learn to knit from our experienced members. It’s all free! Bring water, a cushion, sunscreen. Ride the metro to Museum Park ~ limited parking at PAMM is $2/hour.

For more info:    World Wide Knit in Public Day

Be part of our diverse collection of fiber artists. Fantastic Fibers Miami meets on the 4th Saturday of every month from 2 – 4  at Artisan Lounge, 3rd floor,  500 NE 1st Street. Free secure parking in the rear for guests. Everyone who has an interest in or works with any fiber medium is welcome!  Our monthly challenge project for May  answers the question, “Who Are You, Really?” In  you favorite fiber technique, any size up to 20″ x 20″ .Workshops and exhibitions are planned for the future.

Becky 2Meanwhile at Pamela Palma Designs, I am still weaving! It brings such tranquility into my life. It is my greatest pleasure to share this with you. I encourage you to soothe your weary selves with weaving! Get lost in the rhythm, make magic! Classes continue throughout May and June. Private and semi private lessons are geared toward your interests and abilities. Details here.


Log Cabin 1

Log Cabin Weave #1

Log Cabin 2

Log Cabin Weave #2

Log Cabin Weave #3

Log Cabin Weave #3







What if I told you this weave structure is so simple even a beginner could do it? We will explore variations on the Log Cabin pattern in my Spring Weaving Classes at Pamela Palma Designs.  Fun, easy, rewarding!

Registration is online now. Thursday, Friday and Saturday classes, all levels. All materials and equipment included. Class size is limited. Sign up NOW! Studio 41 at the Bakehouse Art Complex ~ 561 NW 32 Street, Miami ~ in Wynwood. More info: Call 786-897-8856 or email Pamela



April 23 – 24, 2016


Dream Weaving in Georgia! At Glynn Visual Arts, St. Simons Island. The perfect destination weekend! Beaches, dolphins, Spanish moss, Southern hospitality, Dream Weaving, and YOU!

Dream Weaving registration is now open! See you in Georgia!

Glynn Visual Arts 912-638-8770


1) Pamela Palma head shotGreetings everyone! I am happy to announce our new group, Fantastic Fibers Miami! We are finally catching up with the rest of the world. There are all sorts of textile guilds everywhere but here, until now. Check out the new website!

Fantastic Fibers Miami serves as a collective for fiber enthusiasts. Opportunities for social, educational, and philanthropic activities are available to our members. Monthly meetings, classes, lectures, workshops, group projects and exhibitions are in the works. Pfew, that is a tall order designed to fill a niche in the artistic landscape of South Florida.

If you weave, sew, stitch, fabric collage, knit, felt, embroider, crochet, quilt, print or dye fabrics or yarns, this group is for you. We know there are lots and lots of fiber people in our community, working independently or in isolation. So join us!  News and fiber works are posted regularly on our new Facebook page, Fantastic Fibers Miami. Ask to join and post your work. We want to hear from you!

Fantastic Fibers Miami has a new website in development so stay tuned for that as well.



Miriam 2

Student Tapestry

Level 3 Advanced Weaving - Lovely Lace in Daffodil by Pamela Palma Designs

Lovely Lace Weave by Pamela Palma Designs

Happy New Year to everyone! Let’s get this year started with some very creative hand weaving at Pamela Palma Designs!

What is your pleasure? Straight up weaving? Tapestry? Unusual materials? Stripes and plaids? Lacy open weaves? We’ve got all of this and more for you!

Classes start this week. Details and registration HERE. All skill levels from beginner to advanced, private and semi-private lessons. Questions? Call 786-897-8856 or email Pamela



Tiny Tapestries hand woven by Pamela Palma Designs embellished with feathers and vintage silver beads

Tiny Tapestries hand woven by Pamela Palma Designs embellished with feathers and vintage silver beads

The art fairs have packed up. The dealers, collectors, celebs, are gone. So much talk about investment collecting, vanity collecting of work by a “name.”  Who can be an art collector?  Anyone.

What is the point of art?  If the point of art is to make the viewer happy, to appeal to the viewer in some visceral way, we should collect art we like.  I make art because it makes my heart sing to create something out of nothing. It is magical to sit at my loom and see cloth develop from a ball of yarn. Amazing, right? Oh and it feels sooooo good. Textiles are tactile! Love them! I love them so much I buy other people’s textiles, all kinds, as if I don’t have enough of my own!  I especially like vintage laces because I know they were made by hand by a woman who loved making them. I can see it in their swirly patterns. I can feel it in their textures. Her energy, her fondness for her medium is in her fabric. So I collect them in a utilitarian manner. I cannot discern their age, stitches, pattern, provenance,  or maker but none of that matters to me.  I have amassed quite a pile of of vintage laces which I use and display because they are so lovely and I don’t make crocheted lace (yet).

But I also collect other forms of art. Paintings, prints, etchings, drawings, watercolors, smallish works that I can tuck into my carry on when I travel. Such lovely memories are stored in each. Memories of my visit, memories of the artist. That is what makes each piece valuable to me. My first original artwork purchase was a gouache by a Native American. I purchased it at the American Indian Museum in New Mexico, a big splurge at the time, all those years ago. It is called “Spirit Horse.”  The artist captured a feeling that sparked something in me. The horse’s mane is electrified, dynamic, charged! It is magnificent. It has added value to my life to be able to look upon it, knowing it is…something special created by a person, for a purpose.

I have always valued things made by hand. I learned many of my skills from a family of women who were makers in cloth. Good intentions go into the making of things with our hands. Having them around me enhances my environment, makes me happy.  My collections don’t have to match the sofa. Yet they all seem to be in harmony with everything else I love.

Happy collecting!

Green Diamonds editedMoving right along, Small Tapestry International 4: Honoring Tradition, Inspiring Innovation, is now on view at the Biggs Museum of American Art in Dover, Delaware through November 22, 2015. My tapestry, Green Diamonds, was among those selected for this prestigious exhibition.

The American Tapestry Alliance was established in 1982 to unite tapestry weavers and designers in order to promote an awareness and appreciation of contemporary hand-woven tapestries from around the world. This organization promotes speakers, hosts instructors, produces publications, disseminates information and creates juried exhibitions of the finest textiles artists’ works internationally. This year’s competition of Small Tapestry International features small-scale works by over 40 artists. Each of these works were designed and completed by hand by weaving and knotting thousands of threads on a loom to create one cohesive composition. The works were juried by Kevin Wallace, the Director of the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts in Ojai, California. He is a regular contributor to numerous international publications and has guest-curated exhibitions for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles, the Long Beach Museum of Art, the Cultural Affairs Department of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles International Airport, and the San Luis Obispo Art Center.

Green Diamonds: Hand woven, mixed media tapestry by Pamela Palma 14″ x 14″

Yes, That Picasso. Pablo Picasso. The Bakehouse is celebrating 30 years as a hub for visual arts in Miami with an exhibition  of works by Pablo Picasso, La Tauromaquia.  26 aquatint etchings. The exhibition opens October 16, 2015 – 7 to 10 PM.

Tours, entertainment, art! Artist studios are open for viewing and purchasing our art.

Synchronistically, 30 years ago, I embarked on my professional career in Textile Design at Buffalo State College. I never planned to do so much weaving but as I like to say, I am the accidental weaver. And quite a good one as it turns out. I keep discovering new things to try, exploring the infinite possibilities that fiber offers.

Come over to Studio 41 and you will see what I mean. Decorative wall hangings, tapestries with social commentary/satire or secret messages, Goddess musings, home decor items, luscious things to wrap around your body, pictorial tapestries, cushions, tea towels, fiber jewelry. Infinte Fiber Fabulosity. Everything is made by hand, designed by ingenuity, crafted with care and expertise for YOU. Buy Art. Support your local American Artist.Coming Through in Waves  det 2

The Bakehouse Art Complex ~ Created by Artists for Artists – Open to the Public! Come see what we are all about. 561 NW 32 Street Miami, Florida

Pictured: “Coming Through in Waves” Hand woven fiber art by Pamela Palma exhibited at Art Wynwood, 2014. Raw silk, silk and rayon chenille yarns. 17 feet long by 3 feet wide.

FFAll across the country and the State of Florida, there are groups of creative people who work in fiber. They have a place to gather to share experiences, to try out new techniques, take classes, collaborate, and exhibit. All sorts of wonderful things happen. Community happens. Fiber community.

Here in Miami, we are in pockets across the county, knitting, weaving, felting, sewing, spinning, stitching, dyeing and printing. We make fabrics. We are amazing! And somewhat unique. We have a vocabulary specific to our craft. Warp. Purl. Dye pot. Ply. Roving. Chain stitch. Thrums. We share a common bond. We love the feel of exquisite yarns, luscious fabrics. We thrill at the possibilities in a length of warp, a pattern draft, color interactions, textures. We never have too many cones, bolts, spools, needles, hooks, looms. We are fiber artists.

We should have a place to convene, an affiliation. Georgia has several, such as the renowned South Eastern Fiber Artists (SEFAA). Florida Tropical Weavers Guild has many affiliate organizations, none are here. Palm Beach is closest, with its South Florida Basket and Fiber Guild but it is a long commute across two county lines. We need one in Miami-Dade.

So, I am starting a one, an all inclusive Fiber Forum, for anyone who works in any type of fiber technique, professionally or recreationally. It will be wonderful to have a place to meet. To get to know each other. Share resources. Promote our collective work. Have a glass of wine or cup of tea. A social activity with a purpose, revolving around our passion for all things fiber.

I am gathering names and ideas. Send me yours!

Marilyn 1 editedPamela Palma Designs is on the move! You can explore the wonders of weaving at the new, exciting maker space in Wynwood. Moonlighter Miami is located at 2041 NW 1st Place, Miami, 33127.

Tropical Textiles is your opportunity to watch the magic unfold before your very eyes as your fingers weave colorful yarns into stunning material. Looms and yarns are included in class fees. Free parking at the corner of 21st Street and 1st Place. Same great classes, more space to create!

Details and registration info through Eventbrite.

3 Wednesday Sessions -September 9, 16, 23 from 3:00 to 6:00:
3 Saturday Sessions September 19, 26 & October 3 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM:
For more information email Moonlighter or call 305-699-2041
You can always reach me by email Pamela  or phone 786-897-8856


Diamonds and Latex Triptych - small websize

Diamonds and Latex Triptych

I am happy to announce that my work is now showcased at Gallery Number Nine, a new virtual gallery created by Debra Cortese for select artists. View her gallery, her artists’ works; follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In. She is everywhere.

Support Gallery Number Nine –  We are American artists of integrity. Buy our work for your pleasure and enjoyment. Art is meant to enhance our quality of life through beautiful interpretations of our world. The beauty that is art – painting, sculpture, weaving, jewelry, photography and more, yours now at Gallery Number Nine

Visions-Cloudy Diptych

Visions - Cloudy small - websize