Weaving, Sewing, Embroidery, and Knitting! ~ Textile arts are a path to self sufficiency. Now more than ever we need to be able to make and repair our own things, keep stuff out of the landfills. I can show you how to work with thread, yarn, cloth, and patterns. Added bonus ~ satisfaction, feeling of fulfillment. Like meditating but you have a tangible item in your hands, made by your hands. That is what hands are for. Make stuff!

Private classes are now available to a select clientele. All classes are $40/hour with a 2 hour minimum, pre paid. You must pre-register for 2 hour session increments of $80  Contact me to schedule.

All classes are designed to work with the ability level of each individual. Do you have some experience? Great! Let’s jump ahead to something new!

Tapestry Weaving on a simple frame type loom.$40/hour, 2 sessions, 2 hours each. Learn the basics of warping and over and under plus some decorative techniques. Create a small artwork for your wall. Loom, shuttles, bobbins and yarns are provided. 

Beginning Weaving on a heddle loom. $40/hour, 4 sessions, 2 hours each.  For the serious student.! Learn to weave lengths of cloth with a heddle to do your over & unders. Session 1) Dress the loom, and start to weave. Sessions 2) and 3) Perfect your technique as you weave a lovely scarf or table runner. Session 4) Finish your piece, remove from loom, tie off loose ends. Loom, shuttles, yarns are provided for use during classes. 

Basic Sewing. $40/hour. 2 sessions, 2 hours each. Learn the important hand stitches used for mending and basic machine stitches. Then, make yourself a tote bag using a printed pattern and sewing machine. Supplies provided: Pattern, hand needles, pins, threads, sewing machine, cutting board, iron. Students should purchase their own fabric scissors and fabrics: A half yard of cotton fabric for the bag and a half yard of similar fabric for contrasting lining.

Embroidery.  $40/hour, 1 session,  2 hours. Learn the basic embroidery stitches commonly used: running stitch, stem stitch, satin stitch. Then advance to the fancy fun stitches: French knots, chain stitches, couching, lazy daisy, and more. Provided: practice fabric embroidery hoop, needle, embroidery floss for use during class. Students may wish to purchase their own supplies to continue practicing at home. Additional sessions are available.

Knitting.  $40/hour. 1 session, 2 hous. Learn the two basic stitches, knit and purl. In this class you will learn how to master casting on and then practice knitting even rows. Then add the purl technique to your repertoire. Knitting needles and yarn is available for use during class. Students may wish to purchase their own needles adn yarns to continue projects at home. Additional sessions are available to learn casting off, increasing and decreasing, fancy stitches like cables, bobbles, diamonds, and more, and how to read and follow a knitting pattern.

2 hour sessions

Weaving Classes Full sessions