TAPESTRIES  take many forms. Pictorial, Patterned/Coded. Woven on floor looms, each work of art represents months of designing, weeks to create, days to finish.


Hand woven, tapestry, weaving, fine art, loom, scenery, textiles, art to collect, wall panel

SSI Beach

Hand woven, tapestry, hand dyed yarn, mixed media

St. Lucia

Tapestry, fiber art, textiles, hand woven, yarn, landscape imagery, New Mexico desert, Cabezon









PATTERNS/CODES  Weaving is a codified language written in ones and zeros (Fun Fact: computer code is derived from weaving). These works of art represent messages from very ancient matriarchal mythologies enscribed in coded patterns, woven as the body of the cloth.

tapestry, woven codes, art to collect, hand woven, hand dyed yarn, original design, bespoke, decor, gallery, one of a kind by pamela palma designs

Crop Circles, detail

Temple Scripts – Inanna

Divine Sublime                                         

Moon Rise – Set Lunar Code 1

Blue Moon Green Cheese

Lunar Code 2