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Welcome to PLY Miami  

We have a new name, new members, new projects!

Our next meeting is August 24, 2019  at Pandoree Cafe at 2:00 because the following weekend is Labor Day weekend. Where has this year gone? I hope it has been a creative year for you so far.

crocjet, fiber art, hand spun, birds nests, PLY Miami @pamelapalmadesigns

           Hand spun & crocheted by Debbie

hand crocheted, birds nests for Pelican Harbor Seabird Station by PLY miami members @pamelapalmadesigns

          Crocheted by Dana and Leisa











One of our very successful projects over summer has been knitting and crocheting nests for the baby birds in  rehab at Pelican Harbor Seabird Station. We love them because they are quick and easy and for a good pupose. The staff at Pelican Harbor is very happy to have them because Miami doesn’t have a set nesting season so birds are hatching and falling out of nests all year. The 3 on the left are by member Debbie. She hand spun her wool and then crocheted them! Lucky babies who get to live here, soooo soft.  The bright orange one in the second photo was made by visiting artist Leisa Rich who came all the way from Atlanta just to make this nest. Thanks Leisa! It was great having you here!  Ever prolific and talented member, Dana, crocheted the other 9 nests! Thanks everyone.


Fantastic Fibers Miami is now PLY miami!  Join HERE

What is PLY?  1. The twisting together of two or more single yarns; 2. Ply a needle or a trade.

Why PLY? Plied yarns are more durable, less susceptible to abrasion  Strands of yarns twisted together become stronger. Our Guild provides similar strength to its members. We are strronger together. We are a collection of diverse talents and backgrounds, each individual offering benefits to the other.

IMAGE Top: 4 ply yarn, 4 single strands twisted together. Bottom: Wool roving (fluff) spun as a single twist or strand of yarn. 


Pamela Palma purple and green triangles

Pamela Palma purple and green triangles

        Irene Munroe black and white                                 tessellations

PLY MIAMI is a textile arts guild for anyone who loves to work in cloth, thread, yarn, fiber, combinations, either as an experienced artist, casual practitioner, or newbie wanting to learn. We meet monthly, usually on the last Saturday at 2:00. Please check Facebook for updates. We have a page. Recent challenge projects – design a quilt block using only two colors.



We are changing things up here at Fantastic Fibers Miami! This month as we prepare to celebrate the Springtime holidays, Passover, and Easter, we are taking Fantastic Fibers Miami on a field trip.

Where: The Lowe Art Museum

When: Friday, March 30, 2018

Time: 2:00 pm                    RSVP required:

Meet at the entry. We will chat a bit, share info, work, ideas, then tour the exhibition, Antillean Visions: Maps and the Making of the Caribbean , nearly 200 rare, beautiful, and historically significant maps of the Caribbean. Interesting! 

The Lowe has so many treasures! The glass gallery, its antiquities including bits of pre-Columbian Peruvian textiles (my favorite), contemporary art, and of course, a wonderful gift shop.

RSVP required:







Yarn Bomb at MOCA

MOCA – The Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami, is so pleased to have its plain white pillars Yarn Bombed by Fantastic Fibers Miami that they given us indefinite extensions! We are thrilled to have our work on view to the public as an installation at a major museum.

Go take a selfie and hashtag #MOCA, #Museum of Contemproary Art, #Fantastic FIbers Miami

While you are there, go inside and check out the art exhibits!





YARN BOMBING at MOCA January 26, brought to you by Fantastic Fibers Miami!  Join us for a night of artsy fun and Jazz. Details HERE

Fantastic Fibers Miami making the world a nicer place, one thread at a time. Join the guild! We are growing a community of textile artists.






FANTASTIC FIBERS  MIAMI is making the world a nicer place, one thread at a time.  This is the fiber guild for all of South Florida’s textile people. If you knit crochet weave quilt felt sew or use any other fiber medium, get to know us.

We meet on the Last Saturday of the month at 2:00 in my studio, #41 at the Bakehouse Art Complex. Free parking. Join us for conversation and creativity.  Indulge in group and individual projects and presentations. 

Dues are $30 per calendar year. Join Today!



Color + texture = tropical textiles

July 7, 2017: Pamela Palma Designs and Fantastic Fibers Miami are rockin’ this town! On June 10 we participated in World Wide Knit in Public Day at Perez Art Museum Miami for the second year. We are an inclusive guild of knitters, weavers, crocheters, felters, surface designers – and so we had multiple fiber activities going on at PAMM. Fabulous!

Meetings are the 4th Saturday of each month at Pamela Palma Designs, Studio 41 at the Bakehouse Art Complex




Feb. 1, 2016:  Pamela Palma Designs is proud to announce the launch of FANTASTIC FIBERS MIAMI, a fabulous new fiber guild for everyone in South Florida who uses fiber — yarn, thread, fabric– to spin, weave, knit, crochet, stitch, embroider, quilt, felt, sew, print, dye, paint — as a means of artistic expression.

After years of planning, wishing, hoping, and dreaming about a fiber guild in Miami, I started this one!

We meet on the 4th Saturday of each month at my studio, Pamela Palma Designs #41 at the Bakehouse Art Complex, in Miami. A stone’s throw from Wynwood. Free parking!

Full details on the website,  Check us out! 

Become a member today Join in on the conversation, experience the camaraderie of a community of people like you!