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Murals woven hand weaving Ice Water FIre Air textiles hand woven weaving loom mixed media art fiber art by Pamela Palma Designs

Ice – in process, on my loom

MURALS  ~ Second in my series of woven murals is Ice Water  Fire Air. It is one long weaving. The loom is programmed to create a pattern, same as The Etheric Blue Print. This mural is woven as one continuous length with small bands of black separating sections, each section denoting four major planetary destructions. The Ice Age, The Great Flood, The Volcanoes, and our current one which I am calling Air. It represents radio waves, air pollution, nuclear pollution, pesticides, carcinogens, neurological disruptives, everything that is destroying the environment is destroying us. We are the environment. Air is represented by cellophane in the section to the far right. How would you weave air? It is a conundrum. I used cellophane. Upcycled, of course.

Ice Water  Fire about 17 feet long by 4 feet wide. It took over 4 months to create and it requires 2-3 people to install.