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Mural, weaving, hand woven, fiber art, textile design, mixed media, hand dyed yarn, paper, vintage nautical chart, money, by Pamela Palma Designs

Currents-Currency, gallery view

The third mural in the series, Currents-Currency, is a mixed media weaving some 20 feet long by nearly 4 feet wide. I  combine assorted yarns, some I hand dye, as well as my signature shredded money. I weave them all together with a beautiful vintage nautical chart from.1951. Nautical charts were used by boaters prior to GPS. This one depicts the topography of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida.


When viewing the mural in person, one can visually travel from St. Augustine to the Florida Keys. From afar, Currents/Currency appears to be black and yellow/white yet upon closer inspection there are subtle and bright color changes. The weave structure is the same as its companion murals, The Etheric Blue Print and Ice Water Fire Air. All three have the Wadering Vines pattern programmed onto the loom creating a meandering, wave-like path extending the length of each piece. Programming a loom requires extensive knowlege of the coded language of weaving as well as the ability to read and translate the information by means of placement of individual threads in the appropriate locations on the loom prior to weaving. This method is older than Earth. Ada Lovelace conveted this process for the earliest data processing machines which morphes into computes. Weaving is basically Ones and Zeros. Either there is a thread (One) or no thread (Zero) in combinations, creating patterns.

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