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hand woven art work, diptych, hand dyed yarns, mixed media, by Pamela Palma Designs

            End of Tyranny

hasnd woven art to collect by Pamela Plama Designs diptych, original artwork, hand dyed yarns, mixed media, decommissioned currency

End of Days

Money Laundry is a collection of two related diptychs that celebrate cultural diversity and embrace progressive social justice. I use money in many forms to express my impressions of how the arbitrary assignment of value to specific bits of paper or metal, have influenced populations throughout the history of mankind. We don’t know how womankind exchanged goods and services so I will just let that be. My work is all about social justice. Examine closely to see what messages you can glean. All my work is available though me directly or can be purchased via my online gallery/shop, The Palma Store on etsy.
Left: End of Tyranny  Right: End of Days. Each art work is 14″ x 14″ square, woven on my floor loom with yarns I dyed in my studio.   Zoom in and see the Mayan calendar depicting the supposed end of time (2012).  Real and faux currencies. See the dictators hung out to dry. Enhanced with reproductions of historic currencies. Each work is $1100.00, created as a diptych, to be sold in pairs.

Further along is the second collection, Money Laundry l and ll. Each artwork is 14″ x 14″, mounted and ready to hang.  Laundry is one of my personal favorite household tasks and if I could hang my clothes outside on the line, I would. Instead, I have hung representations of laundry, configured from decommissioned currencies. Each art work takes me hundreds of hours. First the idea occus and i ponder it for as long as it takes to figure out how I will actually make it. I do not use a computer. My brain is my computer. First I conceive the project. I imagine all the possibilities, colors, materials, textures, size, media additives, etc. Then I design it. I gather up all the materials I will need. I set up the loom, meaning I calculate how much warp yarn I need to install on the loom. If there will be an underlying pattern to the work, I program that onto the loom as I thread it. This process, setting up the loom can take several days. I modify the paper money and either weave it in as I weave the weft yarns or I stitch it on to the surface after the piece is removed from the loom. Weaving takes as long as it takes. I do not punch a time clock; I create art.  When the works are finished, I cut them off the loom and press, hem, mount each one. Finally they are photographed, cataloged, and shared with the public either through exhibitions, my website, or social media.

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hand woven art to collect, diptych, hand dyed yarns, faux and defunct currencies, applique, by pamelapalmadesigns

                                                                           Money Laundry l and ll