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Mixed Media by 4th Graders

Baby box 3

Baby Box was made by a girl for her younger siblings.

Norway snow bubbles (1)

Honoring Norway with snow bubbles made from packing materials and papers, with ribbons.

Mom Beach

For her Mom who loves the beach.









Kids do remarkably imaginative things when they have creative freedom and a strong art foundation. This is what happened in the month of May, 2016, in Ms. Deana Conley’s 4th grade art class at South Miami K-8 when I was the Visiting Artist for 8 sessions.

Cuba 1

Black beans and a colorful scarf honor this child’s passage from CUba to Miami a few years ago.

Cuba 2

Interior of the Cuba box in process, with her photo taken when she arrived in the USA.

Cuba finished

FInished! She added her actual ticket to Miami from Cuba.









 The guidelines were to first  determine a theme for their honor boxes, something that has special significance to each child. The entire box was covered with paint or fabric or paper so it was no longer a shoe box. The boxes get embellished with relevant objects in 3-D. Many students collected items from home while others simply rummaged through the extensive collection of stuff in Ms. Conley’s classroom augmented with some tidbits from my studio. The children were given total latitude and they went to town! We, Ms. Conley and me, merely guided their creative ideas and encouraged good craftsmanship.

Soccer field

Pure imagination and a bag of shredded money went into this boy’s soccer field.

The park

Working totally from her mind, this girl created a park with burlap pathways, sculptures made from buttons, bushes made from more of that shredded money.

grandparents 50th

This boy honors his Grandparents’ 50th anniversary with a box painted in gold, embellished with cherished photos.











These are some of the completed boxes. I am so pleased with the results! The children were a joy to work with and Ms. Conley sets an exemplary tone in her classroom. The Bee Queen Retablo was built by Pamela Palma around a miniature reproduction of “The Honey Queen” painted by Debra Cortese, with permission of the artist.

Original painting by Debra Cortese,. Enshrined by Pamela Palma in her retablo series.

Original painting by Debra Cortese,. Enshrined by Pamela Palma in her retablo series.