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Mixed Media Art

Fine Art Mixed Media Textiles

           Girl’s Best Friend

Fine Art Mixed Media Textiles

             Purple Heart

Fine Art Mixed Media Textiles

             Time Is Money








Here are three new additions to

my PamelaPalmaDesigns Etsy Shop

Each work is 18″ long by 16″ high (my photos are off). I designed these on my favorite floor loom using variegated cotton yarns that I dyed before weaving. Notice the color shifts within each work? That’s the yarn changing colors by design. The background is black linen, very pricey yarn but a delight to weave.  Weaving starts at the bottom (more trickery) so I began with a black band, then I wove the colored yarn into the black linen , incorporating a diamond pattern (very tricky) into the weave structure. Then, weave, weave, weave this portion ~ until it was time to add the surprise materials, paper, cellophane, and my signature element, shredded US currency (legally obtained from the government). Then weave, weave, weave the upper portion to match the lower colored portion. Finally, finish off the work with a corresponding black band. The bands create definition, frame-like. There are no bands on the sides because the surprise materials defy gravity and extend outside the edges.

Three art works, each work is 18″ long by 16″ high, sold individually. Free Shipping in Continental USA.

Mixed media textile art


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