Front view – actual colors

Back view

You may know me as a weaver but do you know what else I do? I am a multi faceted Fiber Artist, Textile Artist, and Textile Designer. Which is why I use the hashtag #notjustaweaver in my social media posts.

I learned to sew by hand when I was a very young child, then I learned to knit and embroider.  I used to fantasize about how things are made. That is the early sign of a blossoming designer. By 7th grade, thanks to Home Ec, I learned to read sewing patterns and I began to design and sew my own clothes. I always prefer to have my own look. You can do that when you can sew.

So, sew! March brought me back to my sewing and embroidery roots. I started with this Vogue blouse pattern. I, of course, made it in my own colorways, not the image on the pattern envelope. My camera added its own value.

More to come as I continue my adventure into my roots!