MAPS + MONEY, mixed media art works contain unexpected, surprise materials such as paper, maps, cloth, plastic, cellophane, shredded money, and of course, yarn holds it all together. These materials are woven simultaneously into the bodies of the work. These two art works are highly textured and very colorful. Available directly through me, and in The Palma Store on Etsy,

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                      Tampa Bay

WEAVING, MIXED MEDIA, PAPER, YARN MONEY, imagery river of grass tampa bay

                  River of Grass

Visit Florida – River of Grass and Tampa Bay: Diptych Hand woven mixed media fiber art tapestries. Woven with silk thread, reconfigured paper tourist maps,    my own hand dyed mohair, and currency, lots and lots of money.  What do these works say to you? Buy them now!

River of Grass is 20″ x 23″.

Tampa Bay is 20″ x 21″

Available in The Palma Store, my Etsy Shop

mixed media hand woven, tapestry, yarn, paper maps, islands, georgia

                       Golden Isles

GOLDEN ISLES is a colorful artwork comprised of re-configured maps of the popular resort area of Georgia – Saint Simons, Jekyll, Sea Island and Little St Simons. Such a beautiful region, steeped in history, drenched with Spanish moss. 15″ x 21″

Get it now in my Etsy Shop: The Palma Store



weaving, hand woven, mixed media, silk, rayon, plastic , money

                  Target (Enaray)               



Target (Enaray) is a brightly colored mixed media work I made using silk and rayon yarns, upcycled plastic bags, and money.  It was exhibited in “Small Works” in Rvhode Island sponsored by the American Tapestry Alliance. 

10″ x 10″  Available in The Palma Store







I believe that Peace is always Patriotic and therefore representations of Freedom, and Liberty are always appropriate as this is the cornerstone of our nation. Here then are four of my positive mixed media fiber art expressions. Flag #1 and Flag #2 are stars and stripes fabrics. Flag #3 and Flag #4 are comprised of shiny papers. I love to upcycle and recycle. All works are hand woven by me on looms. I hand dyed shredded US currency and interlaced wads (see image) of it into the body of the weavings. There WERE four individual art works available and ready to hang on your walls.   







It is exciting to mix materials into woven media and I mentioned I like to upcycle and recycle as well as embed an idea into my fiber art. Tourist maps are excellent resources which I often interweave with my signature element, shredded $100 bills. Art works are one of a kind and sold via my Etsy Shop, The Palma Store

  B’Lo #1 and #2 Two hand woven art works made using cotton, paper maps of Buffalo and Western New York State, and currency.  Too late! These are gone to their forever homes!

B’Lo #1 and B’Lo #2