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Exhibition Opening August 10, 2018

hand woven , hand dyed, wall panels, tapestry, fiber art, textile design, weaving, wall hanging


hand woven, hand dyed, fiber art, textile design, art exhibition, weaving, tapestry, wall panels, wall hangings

Castor & Pollux

Ancient Legacy: Myths and Legends opens August 10 at Studio 18 in the Pines, Pembroke Pines, Florida.

On view are two of my hand woven wall panels depicting two Greek myths, Cassiopeia, and Castor & Pollux. In these works the historic tales are depicted in woven code, visible as surface patterning. Weaving is a form of code, as are alphabets, numbers, computer codes, mathematical equations.

Here are the stories.  Castor and Pollux are the Gemini twins. Born of Queen Leda of Sparta, Castor is her son by her husband, King Tyndareus of Sparta. Pollux is the spawn of the God Zeus, who disguises himself as a swan to “seduce” lovely Queen Leda. Leda has just bedded her husband the king, conceiving Castor; Pollux is added to her womb. In mythology, powerful Zeus can do anything, the gods and goddesses are meddlesome; they exploit the mortals and wreak havoc. Consequently everyone is related ‒ gods and mortals alike, ambiguous parentage is the norm, and birthing takes mystical formats ~ Queen Leda laid eggs and they became her twins. It’s a mixed up world.

As young men, Castor and Pollux raise some hell in Sparta for sport. Castor gets himself mortally wounded. Pollux, his twin and BFF, is devastated and asks Zeus to unite him with his brother for eternity. Zeus has the power to bring Castor back to life but instead he sends them both off into the sky where they become the Gemini constellation.

Cassiopeia  – Cassiopeia is the excessively vain and apparently boastful Queen of Aethiopia, who brags incessantly about her daughter Andromeda, proclaiming her to be more beautiful than all the nymphs in the sea. This angers Poseidon, the God of the Sea and brother of Zeus. Poseidon’s ego will not have it and poor Cassiopeia is banished to a distant point in the sky, spinning precariously around the North Pole for all eternity. Andromeda, is banished as well but meets a different fate. She is stripped naked and bound to a rock in the Mediterranean Sea somewhere near what is now Tel Aviv. Perseus, a son of Zeus, is returning victorious from slaying the snake-headed monster Medusa. He finds and rescues Andromeda.  Andromeda and Perseus are then married and live happily ever after while Cassiopeia spins and spins in the northern sky.

Cassiopeia – Fiber: Hand Woven, Hand Dyed Yarns, Size: 21” x 34”   $500.00

Castor & Pollux – Fiber: Hand Woven, Hand Dyed Yarns, Size: 21” x 34”   $500.00

Diptych Price $750.00 for both Castor & Pollux and Cassiopeia