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The Etheric Blue Print

MURALS ~ My very long woven works of art can only be described as murals.

The is the first one in the series. I call it The Etheric Blue Print, so named by my Goddesses who are my Muses. They impulse me to produce work that follows the continuous thread of weaving, that which has always existed and will always exist. Mythology claims the world was woven into existence. Quantum physics confirms there is a web of energetic frequencies that comprise all matter. Web. Woven. The Etheric Blue Print, according to Them, describes in visual, woven format, the blueprint for life. Like a roadway throughout herstory/history, passing through Now, projecting into the future. I have woven it as closely as I can to the information transmitted through me.

This mural took 6 months to create. There is an underlying pattern I progammed onto the loom with black linen, streaked with white. There is always light, even in the dark. The pattern is called Wandering Vine. It meanders the length of the mural, depicting movements of populations over time. Most of the mural weft is black linen with some sections woven with multi colored cotton that I dyed, and some sections where I wove shredded money into the fabric. Nothing is added. It is all woven together. You can see that one section is lighter than the rest where I wove white linen, creating positive/negative effects. This mural, The Etheric Blue Print, is 17 feet long and 4 feet wide.