November! This is why we live here!

Holiday Table Runner

November is why we live here! Cool, dry air, the bluest blue sky, amazing sunrises and sunsets. It is also time to hustle and get busy! Make your  hand woven holiday table runners and gift items. Everyone loves gifts from the heART! Make your gifts now! Register today for hand weaving classes at Pamela Palma Designs.

Weaving by hand is the so rewarding!  You benefit from the relaxating, meditative process. Your friends and family benefit from the beautiful, distincitve gifts you make for them.

Hand Woven Mix n Match Coasters and Table rRunner

The best deal in town – hand weaving at Pamela Palma Designs! Sweet, portable looms are easy to use. Choose from  an extraordinary selection of yarns to stimulate your weaving creativity.  Get expert instructions from a master weaver, lots of project options, and essentially private lessons for only $30/hour! No gimmicks, no hidden fees!  Just pure enjoyment! You are not required to purchase a loom or buy my yarn. I include all the equipment, tools, supplies, yarn, and instructions in class fees! Plus, you get my undivided attention for 3 full hours on each of your 3 class days. Work at your own pace and love what you do. For class descriptions,  Click Here

Register now for November classes: Beginning Weaving Level 1   Beginning Weaving Level 2   Intermediate Weaving on 4 Shafts   Advanced Weaving on Floor Loom