Pamela Palma – Artist’s Statement

Who I Am:  I am a fiber artist – a dreamer and a visionary with a vivid imagination and remarkable dexterity. My innate affinity is for all things fiber. I love color and texture. I like to use my hands to create objects that provoke and delight, things that no one else has. My art transcends traditional precepts of hand weaving and needle arts as women’s work, emerging as radical traditionalism.

What I Do:  I design and make things that no one else makes. I celebrate the uniqueness of each individual by producing single items – we are not industrially manufactured as Beings, nor should our things be mass produced.  I have created with fiber since childhood, sewing and knitting at age 4; adding  embroidery and clothing design to my bag of tricks by age 13.  I learned weaving, printing, dyeing and painting fabrics as an adult in University and simple fell in love with weaving. I now have a collection of looms. My work includes tapestries, fine art, installations, decor, accessories and wearables.I share my love for the medium through the classes I teach. My work is in private and public collections and is exhibited internationally.

Why I do it: Woven fiber is integral to our evolution, as essential to our well being as oxygen and water. We have interlaced plant and animal fibers for warmth and comfort since  herstory, before the beginning of patriarchy. Weaving is ancient yet relevant, it permeates our mythologies. Fibers knit our societies together, weave across cultural boundaries, embrace us, provide our comfort and protection from our first breaths until our last. Fiber is the ultimate shape shifter. It can be knitted, woven, plaited, braided, crocheted, knotted, stitched, sewn, felted, dismantled, reconstructed, dyed, bleached; stiff, soft, silky. Endless combinations for endless purposes.

My work is informed by my intrinsic being as a woman and my connections to the feminine attributes of the Universe – Nature, Nurture, Creativity, Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometric Codes, the Fabric of Life – the components formerly identified with attributes of The Goddess  during the era of Matriarchy. We are, as a species, on our Living Earth,  evolving away from patriarchal control systems into an era of balance. My work is representative of both. Patriarchy is exposed through social commentary and satire, i.e. my series, The Money Weavings , which exposes the foibles of our collective obsession with materiality over substance. Matriarchy is apparent in my works involving intricate patterning, or Codes. These geometric sequences are found in the fabric of the Cosmos on the Quantum level and are revealed to me through my Muses, my matriarchal Goddesses who impart messages through universal codes, in the timeless, ageless language of weaving, in support of Creativity and Love. My series of Woven Codes embody geometric patterning that codifies all molecular and subatomic particles. Using traditional textile methodologies in contemporary context, I  create woven fabrics that tell stories and deliver subtle messages.

When I weave, I travel the continuum of our shared herstories/histories. I transduce our collective      heritage along an evolutionary umbilical cord, weaving the DNA from the past into the future through the present.

See My Work:  Artworks- Collections on this website. View the works at Pamela Palma Designs, Studio 41 at the Bakehouse Art C0mplex. Follow me – Pamela Palma Designs on Facebook, Instagram – for updates, new work.