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 Pamela Palma – Artist’s Statement

Textiles are firmly entrenched in my life; since early childhood, cloth, thread, and yarns have played integral roles in my creative development. Cloth is a universal language of infinite possibilities. It is my joy to make things from start to finish; to conceive an idea, design it, create the fabric itself, then make the object of my imagination manifest as a tangible item of beauty. I am comforted by the soft, endearing qualities of natural fibers. I am intrigued by mixing unexpected materials in my art to make a statement. I delight in fabrics printed and woven to adorn the human form.  My work may incorporate unexpected materials, present social commentary, remind us of our herstory, wrap our bodies in beauty, hang on our walls, or find use in daily living. Always, I strive to present objects of beauty that will enhance our sense of well being and uplift our spirit.





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