Mixed Media Gallery

Mixed Media Collage Retablos

Pamela Palma designs and creates woven works of art using mixed media. Inspired by her Goddesses/Muses, materials will stimulate her imagination, resulting in contemporary, conceptual tapestries. Her works combine the interlacing of fine yarns with common items. Most notably is her fascination with money which finds new meaning in her works. Decommissioned, historic reproduction, and obsolete currencies play vital roles in the messages of her works.

Paper, maps, plastic bags, and other assorted unexpected materials find new purposes in her woven art All manner sorts of things she has collected throughout her life become embellishments in her precious Retablos, mixed media collage-shrines she has created to honor her favorite etheric entities.

View and Purchase her nontraditional, mixed media tapestries Iin these tabs: Paper, Plastic, Currency; The Money Weavings; and Installations.