February Fiber Art

Divine Sublime by Pamela Palma

Divine Sublime by Pamela Palma

I created Divine Sublime, an elegant work of fiber art, on a floor loom with linen and cotton yarns. The very thin cotton yarn I dyed in my studio. When  dye my yarn, I like to put several colors onto one skein to create a variegated effect. This allows me to place the yarn so the colors appear where I want them to be as I design my art.

Several things are happening all at once in this artwork. Background, middle ground, and fore ground, three distinct components are woven at the same time. This is why we call it fiber art. It is way more advanced than craft. It is considerably more involved than traditional weaving. It has complexity. It is art. Right brain, left brain, hands, arms, eyes, feet. Holistic. Intuitive. Inspired, impulsed by my Muses.

While I work on the loom, I can only see a small portion, 8″ – 10″ inches long at a time, as it gets continually rolled up onto the loom during the process. It takes skill, knowledge, concentration and determination. My brain is the computer I use to design my art. My brain keeps the big picture and my progress in memory. There is no sketch, no HP, no Mac involved. I start from an existing pattern idea and then I cut it free. I let it be new. I let it take as long as it takes. Art is happens outside of time.

The black background is woven with exquisite black linen imported from Belgium. The Belgians know how to do linen and I adore this fiber. It has a bit of a sheen and feels divine – silky, smooth, strong.

The middle ground utilizes my dyed cotton applied as pattern manipulation, woven onto the black linen. The subtle colors of the pattern, sublime as they are, can come forward as middle ground. Can you see the triangularity emanating from the selvedges (sides), wandering like cosmic dust in a night sky? Movement in middle ground.

Foreground is evidenced in my manipulation of the pattern. Circular, dotted pattern elements are highlighted by my careful placement of additional lines of my dyed yarn. Enlarge the image, step back, blur your eyes, watch the surface elements emerge. 

Allow your eyes to travel its length, from the bottom to the top, in the direction that I wove it. As you read this complex tapestry ask yourself – What does it represent to you? What can you see in this work? Does it evoke emotion? Memory? Share your reactions with me pamela@pamelapalmadesigns, subject line Divine Sublime.