Autumn in the Tropics


The fine art of hand weaving at Pamela Palma Designs

Autumn in the tropics is still pretty much the same as summer, but subtle changes are discernable. It is still hot in the daytime but the sun is not so punishing, the ocean is delightful, the breezes are softer, silkier.  The sky is gorgeous with billowy clouds and wispy ones against the bluest blue, accented by rainbows after a daily brief shower.

This climate encourages indoor creativity and what is better than working with your hands, making beautiful things with colorful yarns? My handweaving classes are the best deal in town. Excellent looms are yours to use with an extraordinary selection of yarns to stimulate your weaving creativity.  You get expert instructions from a master weaver, lots of project options, and essentially private lessons for only $30/hour! No gimmicks, no hidden fees!  Just pure enjoyment! You are not required to purchase a loom or buy my yarn. I include all the equipment, tools, supplies, yarn, and instructions in class fees! Plus, you get my undivided attention for 3 full hours on each of your 3 class days. Work at your own pace and love what you do. For class descriptions,  Click Here

Register now for November classes: Beginning Weaving Level 1   Beginning Weaving Level 2   Intermediate Weaving on 4 Shafts   Advanced Weaving on Floor Loom

Pattern weaving at            Pamela Palma Designs                 

          What will you make?

Handwoven chenille yarn at Pamela Palma Designs